In late 1998, Dr. Julian Catmull and other laboratory colleagues validated a fully quantitative, single step method that provides reliable results within 16- 24 hours for the rapid detection of E. coli, Thermotolerant and coliform bacteria; True results in real time, as compared to current Australian Standards for these bacteria that require a number of days. Furthermore, the ECE rapid method is not semi-quantitative as are others based on “most probable number” multi-well methods (Ref APHA) that may incubate at temperatures other than 44°C for thermotolerant bacteria such as E.coli.

Thus, our certainty of method with the reliability and rapid fully quantitative reporting allows our clients to instigate “in-time responses” that are controlled and measured.

  • This brings significant cost benefits by virtue of a healthier more productive workforce and reduced absenteeism.
  • Local and multinational water service utilities providers have recognised the benefits of this level of certainty and reliability offered by ECE

With an increased reputation and a strong hands-on service emphasis in water plant operations and water chemistry, it followed that ECE In 2006 bECEme a nationally accredited, registered training organisation (RTO) in water industry operations. Now in addition to NATA accredited laboratory analysis, ECE could further support water utility service providers by delivering ECE training packages as an RTO.
With increasing demand for our laboratory and consulting services, ECE built a new and larger laboratory facility in Garbutt, Townsville. In addition, overseas inquiries necessitated the laboratory becoming a Quarantine Approved Premise so as to provide services for clients operating out of Papua New Guinea, the South Pacific and Indonesia. This is a further endorsement of the quality management systems and expertise in place at the laboratory.
Our consultancy laboratory provides the depth and consolidation of services that streamline costs, minimise risks and maximize benefits. Our combined expertise and passion for ensuring services and working closely with our clients in the fields of environmental monitoring, water and waste water drive the best possible outcomes for all parties.
Enviro-Check Enterprises is a 100% privately owned Australian company. From small beginnings, the laboratory has expanded to supply services across the full spectrum from private bores, the mining industry, health facilities, local Councils, port operations, fisheries and others both in Australia and overseas.

Trial our services (at no cost) for clarity and advance your analytical services to a truly superior level with our facilities that are not just nationally accredited but run by knowledgeable staff who are passionate about your needs.