The services at Enviro-Check go well beyond issuing of our NATA accredited reports and nationally accredited training in water industry operations.

Enviro-Check brings a consolidation of expertise across all areas in water and waste water and it is this that ultimately drives significant benefits and cost effective outcomes. Our holistic, proactive approach focussed specifically on our client’s needs brings actual realisation of goals and documented confidence with sustained benefits including:

(a) Community health, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity through sustained water quality
(b) A documented justification of confidence in water quality that is robust and thereby reduced liabilities
(c) Documented systems and processes that underpin a robust water management program
(d) Development of water quality risk management plans (WQRMP) to consolidate systems and processes
(e) Development of Trigger Action Responses Plans (TARPs) to ensure measured and controlled responses
(f) Development of a recognised chain of command with TARPs for the defined alert levels
(g) Annual report summary for internal and external audit processes

As an unchanging single point of reference our clients, from the operators through to management, develop a common understanding of objectives; thus avoiding the pitfalls of multiple sources of advice and potential setbacks due to staff turnover that often drives depths of confusion as well as unnecessary costs.

Depth of Experience

ECE also offers a depth of experience covering a variety of water plant operations and investigations, for example:

(a) Reverse osmosis on small and industrial scale including the production of 14ML of purified water from tailings
(b) Multimedia and carbon filtrations, PAC, MF, UF and Classic flocculation systems
(c) Cooling tower systems
(d) STP systems, particularly activated sludge sequence batch reactors and IDEA systems.
(e) Stabilisation and restoration of STP functions through seeding of STPs with preferred mixed microbiological populations as well as feeding of plants with low influent BOD levels.
(f) Independent professional opinion for authorities investigating water quality matters
(g) Participation in the development and validation of method of analysis. E.g. Legionellae analysis in reticulated water supplies.
(h) Development of water management systems for Queensland Health facilities (private and public hospitals) north of Rockhampton.

Annual and general reporting

Accurate reporting will ensure rapid TATs and avoid the sometimes questionable subtleties found in other facility reporting that can be very frustrating particularly when questions arise through auditing or investigating third parties. ECE reports include all relevant data required for assessment, directly reference Australian standards and not unique lab codes, including csv data files, trending, annual reporting and more. Subtleties such as document validity of results as per compliance holding times in hours (not days) as prescribed by ASNZS2031 2011 are vital.

For example, sample collection and test time differentials need to be clearly stated on the laboratory report for validity of results. It can be very misleading if these times are simply a receipting time at a remote office that then on-sends your samples, so that, in fact you may have no idea of the actual holding time before analysis.

Our consultancy laboratory and certified plant operators provide the depth and consolidation of services that streamlines costs, minimises risks and maximizes benefits. Furthermore, our combined expertise and passion for ensuring services in the field of water and waste water will help ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties.